On the Road Again...and the Beer is Still Free!

FIRST, go buy tickets to one of our upcoming shows on ascitiesburn.net, THEN go pre order my book on the BadChristian website.  NOW you can read the words below....

Damn I missed tour.  But this version of tour I am experiencing is very different than tours of the past.  Lets talk about tour buses for a minute. 

So there is an assumption that being on a tour bus means you are just raking in the cash.  I mean sure, I slept on a mattress made of money last night but who doesn't right?  We watched for years as bands we toured with lived the life on their tour buses, having a crew to load in and set up all their gear.  Never worried about drinking too much to drive, since rest assured, their bus driver would be safely transporting them to the next city as they slept in their bunk made of money.   Partying on their bus and watching satellite TV.  All those years I thought, "Man that must be the key to happiness on tour." Tour buses, satellite TV, and reckless alcohol consumption with virtually no consequences to speak of...I WAS RIGHT!

I am having a fucking blast.  I woke up this morning, parked outside the venue, hopped on my phone to find the nearest starbucks and started walking.  Enjoying a very nice morning in San Antonio to myself with my only responsibilities being a sound check at 2:30 and then a show to perform at 9:30.  The rest of my day will consist of finding good mexican food, drinking budweiser, watching baseball, and listening to Matt & Toby of Emery talk shit about life in general.  This is what dreams are made of people.  I can never go back to a van.  Fuck that shit.

Truth is, this is only a "glimpse".  Kind of like that movie "The Family Man" with NIcolas Cage (Seriously a top ten movie for me probably, even more so now that I have a family).  As Cities Burn's tenure at the "top" with the bus and crew and all that fancy stuff will be short lived.  I don't know if we will ever tour again, definitely not with this lineup and playing this record.  This is the end of that.  However, I do know that having a bus and a crew and the luxury that comes with it will end on August 16th in Nashville.  This isn't real.  It's a "glimpse" of that life I witnessed years ago, opening up for bigger bands.  Those bands did this 200 days a year.  We are doing it for 16 days.  Amateur in comparison. 

I live in Nashville, and a lot of my friends work in the music industry.  Mostly with big country stars or Christian music folks.  They all live the tour bus life.  But they all work for those artists.  Crew, hired musicians, etc.  Along for the ride.  I'm not trying to degrade that AT ALL.  I'm super stoked and proud of everyone I know making their way in the music industry, no matter the job.  But in Nashville there is this sense of arrogance to that way of life.  The town is one big circle jerk regarding who you work for or who you just got to tour with, or what TV show or baseball stadium the band you work for just played.  I can't lie...I have a tremendous sense of pride that this time, the bus is mine.  I'm paying for it (along with the other ACB guys of course).  It's our hard work that is allowing us to go out and have a good time...not some country singer.  Even if only for a couple weeks.  Bad fucking ass. 

Of course, none of it matters without you guys.  Yes YOU.  Fans.  Patrons.  Those who buy the tickets and t-shirts.  Hey, I promise somebody didn't just break into my blog to talk nice about fans.  It's me, Aaron.  I really do love you guys, no matter how awkward I might seem to be at the merch table or how angry I may seem in the comments section of various social media. 

Thanks, from the bottom of my heart, for paying for my big ass bus, free Budweiser and fine cheeses and cured meats from Whole Foods.