Fine! Fuck Up Your Band's Songs If You Must...

I received some very passionate responses regarding my "How To Stop Fucking Up Songs With Your Shitty Drum Parts" post.  It would seem that a lot of people would agree with the general idea of what I was trying to communicate.  Even if they didn't 100% agree, they were able to understand some aspects of what I was trying to say.  I'm going to refer to that crowd as the "non idiots".

The "non idiots" understood that this was strictly an opinion piece, at times dripping with sarcasm.  The whole bit about striving for mediocrity?  Just a bit of self deprecation.  You know...making fun of myself.  Of course I don't actually think you shouldn't TRY to be the best musician you can possibly be. 

But there was a whole group of you people who took personal offense to my philosophies on song writing and influence.  My OPINION is formed based on my personal music taste and influences.  I don't like metal.  I don't like "math rock" or some bullshit.  But I have enough sense to understand that the parts that metal drummers play are there to serve the song.  The good ones that is.  My philosophies still apply to the dumb ass 21 year old kid in a metal band that is fucking his bands songs up by playing shit he can't execute.  My OPINION is not a take down of any specific genre.  Simply illustrating my ideas based on what I know and like. 

A couple of commenters tried to take a dig at me personally by declaring me to be the weakest link in As Cities Burn.  One guy, who deleted his comment afterwards, said I can't keep tempo and that the drums on our records were always lacking.  He then used the common fallacy of 'appeal to authority' citing that he possesses a degree in percussion.  You know what?  Maybe he is TOTALLY right.  Maybe my tempos live, when without a click, are all over the place.  Maybe I was the weak link.  After all, Cody is a fucking bad ass on guitar and a brilliant songwriter.  As Cities Burn probably could have had a "better" drummer.  Maybe the guy with the percussion degree should have taken my job. 

But maybe, just maybe I did something right.  After all, this guy was the one commenting on MY bands facebook page.  It seems that enough people weren't completely appalled at my sub par tempo keeping.  Would be interested to know how many people have paid to come watch him play a show.  Ok now I am sounding like a cocky asshole.  It's how I compensate for my crippling lack of confidence. 

I understand my language and attitude can be harsh and maybe offensive to some.  Do I give a shit?  No.  I literally don't care about people being offended by language.  Most people in the world can handle a fuck here and shit there.  No time to cater to the ultra sensitive that wish to project their version of Christianity onto me.  Everybody's different.  To quote Ricky Gervais - "Just because you are offended, doesn't make you right."

In the end, I'm just really passionate about crafting good songs.  I don't care about the genre.  And I think as drummers, we have to be mindful of what we are doing, to make sure we are serving the purpose of the song.  I'm not saying don't ever do a cool fill.  I'm just saying at least start with less.  Hold back.  See if you can get by with doing as little as possible and then build on it.  If the song is GREAT without the fill that you so desperately want to display, then save it man.  There will be a chance to showcase your skill level.  Holding back until the right moment is going to make that sick fucking drum part, that much more bad ass. 

I am very pro-drummer.  I hate talking about gear and shit.  But I love hearing a drummer doing good work.  The whole Carter Beauford criticism is not to be misunderstood.  Of course he is amazing.  I listen to the shit he does on the live version of "Tripping Billies" and my jaw is on the floor.  It's ridiculous.  BUT I STAND FIRM THAT OVERALL IT MAKES THE SONG WORSE. 

I say we can all be in this together.  Who can argue with the root of my philosophy?  The simple question of "Am I making the song better?" should be something every drummer - and musician of any kind for that matter - can get behind.

In closing, don't take me so fucking seriously.  I sure as hell don't.  This is all just fun to me.  Writing what I think and people reading it.  That's amazing.  It's great when people agree, but it's 100 times more entertaining when people comment shit like "You probably jerk off to White Stripes beats".  I know I will get better at communicating ideas through writing, but some people just missed the point of that post entirely.  I wrote it, so I guess that's on me....nah fuck that.  Some people just get shit, and others don't.