Writing Sample from "The Tooth and Nail Podcast"

This is the copy I wrote for the opening narration for a "Serial style" podcast I am working on.

The Golden Era. No I’m not talking about the Italian renaissance or when Steve Jobs still ran Apple or the post war years when Americans could buy houses, had good jobs and moved to suburbs and pumped out millions of babies. The Golden Era is a term I’ve often heard used to describe a time period at Tooth and Nail Records that happened not that long ago. I must admit, I take some personal offense to the term because it began basically right after I left the label, but nevertheless it is undeniable. Between 2000 and 2011, Tooth and Nail Records saw a growth and influence that nobody could have ever imagined during the early days of the label. Their bands became relevant in the mainstream. Headliners at Warped Tour. RIAA Certified Gold recording artists. Many of these artists lived in tour buses for years, selling thousands upon thousands of dollars of merchandise at every show they played. Some kids bought houses with their band earnings, and some didn’t make it through the insanity without becoming insane themselves.

This was a special time when artist after artist was a hit with the loyal fanbase that "The Nail" had developed. A new band would ride the coattails of an old band and then next band and so on and so on. This period of success, life changing for all of those involved, saw everything good and everything bad that could occur. Money, drugs, finding religion, losing religion. Finding love and purpose in life. And for some, losing their life in tragic fashion. During this inaugural season we are going to dive in deep to explore events and stories that occurred within the generation defining “Christian” music scene of the aughts. This is the Tooth and Nail Podcast Season 1: The Golden Era.